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As a customer of ours you have access to a range of features that can help you manage your own website at all times of the day and night without the need to contact us.

Of course we understand that you may not wish to make your own updates and would prefer us to do them for you. In which case simply drop us an email at support@whinternet.co.uk and we’ll do just that.

For ALL Customers. View all the information we currently hold for you including your personal information, your company information. You can also view the existing package you have with us including details on your domain, hosting, design and maintenance services. From here you can also request additions/upgrades to your account with us quickly and easily.
View your account information

For Web Hosting Customers. Powered by ‘eXtend’, your Control Panel gives you full access to all the benefits of the web hosting package you have with us. From managing FTP settings and Webmail accounts to uploading add-ons such as eCommerce, forums, blogs and many more*. You can find your login details on the welcome email sent at the commencement of your hosting account.
Login to Control Panel | Resend welcome email

For Domain Customers. Powered by ‘eXtend’ your Domain panel gives you full access to managing your domain name with us. From here you can manage your DNS (Domain Name Server) settings, update your contact details and more. You can find your login details on the welcome email sent at the commencement of your domain account.
Login to Domain Panel | Resend welcome email

For Web Hosting Customers. Never be without email access again! Connect to your Inbox from anywhere with an internet connection with our sophisticated Webmail system. Send, receive and draft emails just as if you were using a desktop program such as Outlook (for adding/editing your Webmail accounts please use your Control Panel).
Login to your Webmail

For ALL Customers. Website not working? Can’t access your Webmail? It is possible that we may be doing maintenance work which has affected the usability of your site. Here you can check the current system status of our servers and also any planned maintenance that may be upcoming before submitting any problems to us.
Check current system status

For Design/Maintenance Customers. A handy feature we have recently implemented, the ProjectTracker allows you to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings with your project. From your dedicate page you can read the latest notes from us, download useful documents and see any upcoming meetings we may have with you.
Login to ProjectTracker

* Some features may not be available to all levels of hosting packages.

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