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Peter Tickner Associates website launched

Our latest development has now been completed and signed off. Peter Tickner Associates provide advice, training and consultancy around corporate governance issues.

Visit the site | Portfolio case study

Submitted on: 02/12/10

Changes to Customer Accounts

You may have received some information about the recent changes to our customer accounts system.

Those of you will multiple domains/accounts with us had to use different customer ID's to log in to your account. No more! We have simplified this process so that each customer has just one customer ID from which they can access all their individual accounts with us.

You should also have been sent a password from which to access your account information. If you have not yet then please contact us.

If you have then please click here to access your account information.

Submitted on: 27/09/10

Ecommerce Site Launched

After many months of designing, integrating, reskinning and testing we are proud to reveal the latest website in the WH Internet portfolio - The Golf Shop is a full functional ecommerce website selling all manjor of golfing equipment from clothing, shoes, clubs, gadgets and everything you need to look the part on the golf course.
Visit the site | Portfolio case study

Submitted on: 09/09/10

New Interface Website Live

The new Interface Force Measurement website is now live. The project was a long time in the making and long overdue. The original site was beginning to look outdated and in dire need of a re-design.

The new site incorporates links to the Interface range of dedicated product websites and will act as portal for users to quickly find the perfect product for their needs.

Visit the site | Portfolio case study

Submitted on: 20/03/10

Bedsensor Website Now Live

During the past month we have been working frantically at getting the new Bedsensor website live for our clients at Interface. We are now please to announce that the redesigned website was put live today 1 day ahead of schedule!

Check out the site at www.bedsensor.co.uk.

Submitted on: 21/01/10

New Website Launched

Finally the re-design of this website is completed. It took a long time and was very much overdue but welcome to the new and improved WH Internet website. On here you will find many new features showcasing how the business has expanded and grown over the last few years.
The site is still very new, so if you spot any errors please contact us.

Submitted on: 05/01/10

Bedsensor Site Redesign Project

Due to the folks at Bedsensor progressing their product to the scale that it is now featured in one of the biggest UK bed retailers, they approached us with the task of redesigning their existing one page website and turning it into a fully interactive customer experience with Flash presentations, YouTube demonstrations and photo galleries. The site is expected to launch mid-January so watch this space!

Submitted on: 21/12/09

Sponsorship Deal Announced

WH Internet Ltd has agreed to become the official shirt sponsor of F.C. Berksalona, a local men’s Sunday League football team currently in Reading Sunday League Division Four West. The deal comes after WH Internet completed the contract of designing the clubs official website.

Submitted on: 23/08/09

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