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Website Domain Names

The domain name of your site is simply the website address on which your website is situated, for example www.yourwebsite.com. At WH Internet we offer a complete list of both top-level and second-level domains at competitive prices. We have listed our most commonly requested domain extensions however we do offer a comprehensive list of others as well. Simply contact us if your preferred domain extension is not shown.

From this page you can search for your domain name below and also read our Guide To Choosing Your Domain Name.

Search for a Domain Name

Enter your preferred website address in the first box and then the extension you'd like (.com/.co.uk etc) from the selection in the second box.

Choosing Your Domain Name

Short, Simple and Sounding Right
Some years ago British Airways changed their main domain name from britishairways.com to ba.com. Shorter names are easier for your customers to remember and are also easier to work with when it comes to adding them to promotional material for your company. Try to avoid using hyphens unless absolutely necessary. Say the address to yourself as one word - does it make sense? Could you spell it instantly if you heard it from the other end of the telephone or over the radio?

Register Multiple Versions
Can’t choose between .co.uk .com or .net? Register them all. You can point the domains all to the same website. This will avoid another organisation stealing your web name and using it for their own purposes or to try and hold you to ransom for it.

Think Clever By Spelling it Wrong
Is your name one which can be easily mis-spelled? If so you may wish to consider registering any incorrectly typed addresses to avoid losing traffic. A simple polite redirect on this site can bring users back to their intended target.

Shop Around
Of course we’d like you to buy your names through us and we know our prices are very competitive – however some companies aren’t, and you should be sure to shop around to get the best price for yourself.

Once Picked, Be Quick!
If you’ve found your ideal domain name, register it or you may risk losing it and having to make do with something inferior like "i-picked-this-as-the-better-domain-was-taken.gb.net". Even we would struggle to fit that address on your business card!

What Next?
Check the availability of your domain name in the search box above, if it’s available, order it.

For further information on domains please read the Wikipedia definition of a domain name.

Domain Price
.org.uk £4.99
.co.uk £4.99
.me.uk £4.99
.org £10.99
.net £10.99
.com £10.99
.biz £10.99
.info £10.99
.name £10.99
.eu £10.99
.cc £31.99
.tv £31.99
.uk.com £31.99
.uk.net £31.99
.eu.com £31.99
.gb.com £31.99
.gb.net £31.99
.mobi £14.99
.tel £14.99
.me £19.99

All prices quoted are for 1 years registration of the chosen domain name. Contact us for further details.